Short zine made with my friend Andreas. We were listening to Drake, Andreas attempted to type the lyrics on a typewriter as the song played. Clerical errors, typewriter malfunctions, and not being able type as fast as a song plays all factored into the result. I scanned the individual pages and reprinted them as a zine.

Sometimes I think about the role art plays on a "local" vs "global" scale. Some things function well locally- a person who enjoys drawing, and whose family members might enjoy the idea that they draw. Some things function well globally - basically any famous work of art, public sculpture, anything in a gallery, anything made for consumption beyond a small circle of people. "I enjoy art" (the act of making) vs "I enjoy Art" (society)

If I were to release it into the wild I dont think this book would function very well as a standalone piece of fine art.

We made this in the summer of 2015. I had a broken wrist, no AC, and was not working (due to the broken wrist). This particular book will always remind me of that time and place, nostaliga, growing older, how my life has changed, how our collective opinions of Drake have changed, etc. Because of this it will always hold substantial value to me, in the way that any memory of productive, spontaneous, creativity does.

After writing this, I think an argument could be made that the act of using a typewriter, and situating the work as being done by someone else could infer everything I just said, but I refuse to make that argument.