A small 6 page book consisting of three pictures of my friends on the same couch, with Virginia Lottery logos stretched across the images. I made this during a time period where my method for creating work was:

  1. Take tons of pictures as I went about my daily life
  2. Sift through these pictures looking for images that resembled other topics I was interested in at the time.

The main things I was looking/thinking about at the time were:

So at this point all that is really left is to sort through my harddrive for images which had poses that reminded me of classical paintings. I thought using all images of the same couch was a nice touch. All of these pictures were taken with on-camera flash so I repainted highlights and shadows because this was a technique I wanted to experiment with anyways. (you can see it most visiblly on folds/creases in fabrics). This "repainting" in photoshop also helped me experience a "deep connection" with hundreds of years of painting. The final step was to slap some tlacrotfolia on each image and call it a day.