TLDR: This website is an experiment in websites

Many (two) years ago, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I had an “Artist Website”. I looked at other Artist Websites, saw some things I liked, and distilled my observations into “My Artist Website.” As I grew older, I forgot to pay “The Man” and my not-backed-up website vanished into cyberspace never to be seen again.

The following years were filled with a burning desire to not have a website, which I indulged every day. It felt great to not have a website. For years, whenever it came up, I would mention My Website being lost to cyberspace as if it had just happend that afternoon, “What terrible timing!”

Since then, I have aged substantially. Through this aging process I have thought a lot about Art, creativity, technology, and (as one does) many other things. A small part of all of this thinking was the realization that, in general, most (charitably 99%) of artist websites are bad.

Not bad as in ugly, or nonfunctional, or poorly built from a technical perspective. But "Bad" as in they do not communicate anything worth communicating. They collectively create an ecosystem of artist websites that are meaningless, condescending, and boring. This generally resembles large portions of the Art World (galleries, press releases, museum placards, panel discussions, student critiques) that are similarly meaningless, condescending, and boring. This “Bad” is shorthand for: “This website has a net negative impact on Society”.

Harsh language and faux-outrage aside, I think in many cases artists websites are "Places Where I can Put Pictures Online," when I believe they should be "Places Where, If I Speak, Someone Can Listen".

And it is worth stating there are 100% valid reasons for having the first version. Some people have to have a website for their career. Some people feel they are obligated to have a website for their career. I do not fault the artist for creating bad websites. I do not fault the artist for the system that forces bad websites upon all of us. I do not even fault the system. I fault the bad website for my lost time.

Luckily for me, I am an artist and not a scientist. I have no obligation to defend my thoughts, or offer solutions. It is "enough" for me to point to problems and create things that are vaguely orthogonal in the hopes that meaning can be derived somewhere in the middle (~ 45 degrees). With this in mind, I would try to swing hard in the opposite direction from most websites that I see. I will attempt to zig where others zag. I would like to Be The Change In Websites That I Wish To See In The World.

With that being said, I would like to treat this website as an experiment. My grounding philosophy will focus on honesty and excessive transparency. What if an artists website could tell you more information than you had any desire to know? What if information was obnoxiously abundant?

A few comments:

Thank you for your time

Gabriel Kendra