This project was vaguely inspired by Hokusai's Thiry-six Views of Mount Fuji. I think I was mostly struck by the serendipitous relationship between a 200 year old series of images and the number of frames on a roll of 35mm film. I was living in Richmond at the time, which has no mountains, so I used one of the taller buildings in Richmond as my subject (not the tallest, but the elevation of Richmond makes the bank buiilding very visible).

I took a walk in a big loop around the building and took pictures as I went. It wasn't a very nice day out so I was more focused on physically following through with the project rather than seeking out sweeping vistas or artful framings. Astute viewers will notice that there are not 36 images in this book, which makes my inital connection a bit less profound, but to be fair the original 36-Views actually contains 46 prints.

I sat on the images for a while. I felt that they were not particularly interesting, and that my initial connection to Hokusai was pretty weak, and that I really had nothing to say about the building itself. It was abandoned at the time and is now apartments (I think?) so maybe there is a gentrification angle there, but nothing about the project really grabs me. I try to always finish projects so I figured I could edit out the building itself, slap a halftone filter on it, and settle for whatever was left over. This zine is not something I am super proud of, but for the purposes of this website I am more interested in cataloging than curation.