$33,224,39.98 is a single page zine that I made as part of my Ten Second Sculptures series. This series, written from the perspective of a verbose third party, reimagines seemingly mundane images as fantastic works of well regarded art.

This particular picture is of a piece of cardboard that happens to be reflecting the sun. To get the title, I took a guess at its dimensions, and then calculated how much a piece of gold that size would be worth.

The full text reads as follows:

$33,224,39.98 is an installation by Artist Gabriel Kendra consisting of a medium sized slab of 24l gold (donation courtesy of J.P. Morgan) situated in an abandoned plot of land in Richmond, Virginia (where the artist currently resides). This action speaks plainly of society's dichotomous relationship with the economy and the environment. As well as illustrating homosapiens' unchanging relationship with the landscape over the history of recorded space-time.

The object proclaims the dominance of American capitalism in spite of growing ecological anxieties—its existence a reference to the entire history of human achievement—which has allowed for the accumulation and forging of precious metals into art objects. The placement into a less valuable landscape is a reference to 21st Century technological achievements eclipsing the venerability of works of God—specifically the hundreds of years of natural endurance which have crafted the landscape.

By investigating the subjective measures of Utility and Worth this Ten Second Sculpture seems to concisely and authoritatively bring to a close the age old question of what is great, mans lust for capital or the sublime.

The Golden Slab was valued at approximately $33 million at the time of the projects execution