Urination is a single page zine that I made as part of my Ten Second Sculptures series. This series, written from the perspective of a verbose third party, reimagines seemingly mundane images as fantastic works of well regarded art.

The full text reads as follows:

Urination (also known as Fountain of Youth is an autobiographical documentation of a performance by Artist Gabriel Kendra (Richmond, Va) Raising questions of photographic access and masculine restroom etiquette constructs. This ten seconds (sic) sculpture implicates the viewer in a private moment with a public sphere - thereby crystallizing pre-existing but often unrecognized notions of the individual as existing within a mobile bubble of security (frequently reffered to as "personal space").

By using one hand to interact with a urinary receptacle and the other to wield a camera, the artist favors engagement with the materiality of the print over social responsibility.

The performative aspect of Urination is a testament to youthful resilience; symbolized by a reckless disregard for personal safety (the touch of restroom surfaces) and a reckless disregard for maintenance of the status quo. The documenation (print based aspect) of the work primarily addresses expectations of privacy in a Post 9-11 Surveillance Era.